The Story

Join the Legacy of Empowering Dementia Carers: Reimagining Caregiving.


In March of 2021, I, Kevin Shaw, was combating the terrifying symptoms of Covid-19, a novel virus that had taken the world by storm. My life was turned upside down as a carer for multiple individuals, including an 81-year-old relative with two types of dementia. The lockdowns compelled me to look for a means to provide remote care, but the available options were inadequate. I embarked on a voyage to create an app that would revolutionize caregiving for dementia patients and their overworked carers because I was determined to make a difference.

The Struggle

Imagine the scene: despite being weak and febrile, I ventured into the crowded supermarket to ensure that my relative had enough food to survive. It was a dangerous mission, as my own health was on the verge of collapse. I purged his refrigerator and freezer of spoiled food and replaced them with supplies I had managed to acquire. I collapsed at home, exhausted, pledging to find a way to avoid future life-threatening situations.

The Epiphany

Motivated by desperation and equipped with a vision, I invested my savings and carer’s allowance to hire a talented programmer who shared my passion. Together, we began developing an app that would provide dementia patients and their carers with companionship, familiarity, routines, safety, and peace of mind. I had no idea that this application would become a lifeline not only for my relative but also for innumerable others.

The Turning Point

In October, a turning point occurred. As I was testing the application on my relative’s smartphone, he inexplicably vanished. My heart raced, but the app I had developed enabled me to quickly locate him, ensuring his safe return within minutes. I realized the enormous potential of my creation, an app that could save lives and significantly improve the lives of overworked carers around the globe.

Unlocking the Potential

Working closely with beta evaluators from around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Greece, India, and Pakistan, I witnessed the transformative impact of my app firsthand. With the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and VR, the potential to enhance user experiences and create a learning, personalized assistant became apparent.

The Obstacles

While progress has been made, I still encounter difficulties in bringing this vision to fruition. My team of devoted, time-donating programmers struggles to juggle multiple responsibilities, impeding the app’s development into a sophisticated technology that can redefine caregiving. Additionally, it remains difficult to convince investors of the app’s potential to generate revenue.

Your Support

Here is where you enter. I respectfully request your assistance in raising the necessary funds to expedite the development of this revolutionary AI/VR carer assistant. By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you become an integral part of a legacy: reimagining the future of caregiving, empowering dementia caretakers, and transforming the lives of our society’s most vulnerable members.

Join the Movement

Let’s demonstrate that not everyone is out to exploit carers by restoring their faith. Your contribution will help us realize the maximum potential of this app, thereby revolutionizing the way we care for dementia patients and carers around the globe. Join us, feel the rhythm of my heart pounding with pleasure, and let’s make an impact that lasts. Together, we can rewrite the story of caregiving and construct a better future. We appreciate your support!

Kevin Shaw

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