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Kevin Shaw Founder Mind for Care
Founder of Mind for Care, Kevin Shaw

The story of Mind for Care starts with a full-time caregiver and that is none other than Kevin Shaw.

Kevin had a versatile career starting as an errands man to logistics, and then as a trained hypnotherapist. But he quit it all to be a carer for those in need, settling for negligible carer’s funding from the UK Gov, Having traveled abroad and seen the world closely, he quit it all to take care of 5 people (as of May 2023). For the last 10 years, he has been caring for “Terry” who is in the last stages of Dementia. He then takes care of his ex-partner suffering from cancer. Kevin’s brother suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia and his mother recently recovered from a heartbreak as a caregiver to his brother. Kevin’s father just came back home from a two-time brain stroke. It all started with Kevin’s grandmother who died of dementia.

The motivation to make an impact in the lives of caregivers and those with early-stage dementia and mental health conditions needs no explanation. He believes that with technology and information, we need not rely on government help. Change begins with us and together we can achieve it and hence Mind for Care. Mind for Care is currently looking for funding to bring its Remote Dementia Care App to life.

The UK Government Support for Dementia Caregivers

  1. Kevin receives £278.80 month carers allowance from the government and an additional £201.69 from universal credit after deductions.
  2. He has to provide a minimum of 35 hours of care, which could mean shopping, phone calls, etc., and of course in person visits.
  3. He receives no care support for taking care of the other three vulnerables.

About Dementia

Dementia Facts & Figures

  1. As of 2021, the UK alone had 6.6 million caregivers at a rate of 6000 new caregivers registered daily. These caregivers work 35+ hours per week and save the government £132 billion per year and over 1 million caregivers care for more than one person.
  2. The last lockdown in the UK forced 13.6 million forced to become carers causing 5 million to juggle caregiving & a job and now that total sits at 8 million caregivers.
  3. Despite all that, carers are paid the lowest of any UK benefits while knowing 50% of them succumb to illness themselves, through prolonged stress and emotional fatigue. 72% of carers suffer mental health issues.
  4. 8 in 10 carers feel abandoned, isolated & lonely.
  5. Finally, once qualified for state pension you lose all carers allowances even if still providing care.

About the App

The Mind for Care Initiative

Kevin is an aberration, an outlier. He decided to fight the crisis and has built a 300-strong Facebook group of caregivers, the #carersarmy, which he used to lobby politicians to support Alzheimer’s society’s claim for reneged government funding as well as design the Mind for Care app as a solution to remote caregiving to reduce exhaustion and offer the potential of saving carers money and a better life of all caregivers.

The Pitch Deck

Check out Mind for Care Pitch deck for a comprehensive understanding of our work. If it takes time to load on the mobile version, switch to a wider screen (iPad/laptop/desktop).

Mind for Care Pitch Deck

The Plea

Kevin has achieved so much without help, imagine how much more he can do with your help as he needs to raise funds to build this app that is cost intensive because of its originality and use of state-of-the-art technologies, a breakthrough in crisis management through an incredible pocket-friendly subscription model for all caregivers.

Requesting Support

Journalists/Reporters: This is the story that you have been looking for to catalyze impact.

Angel Investors: This is the solution you’d like to invest in where impact & revenue meet your financial and social goals.

Institutional Accelerators: You know the goals of the government and you now know how MindforCare is aligned to achieve that impact.

Social Media Influencers: If you are a social media influencer and would like to support a startup for social impact, look no further. Tweet about us, write on us on Linkedin, and help us reach the heart of financial support to actualize the vision.

You: You can be anyone from anywhere in the world, but for us, you are someone who can influence our visibility. If our story hearts you, would you socially engage with us, and share your thoughts and ideas to make Mind for Care a compelling opportunity for the world to support?

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